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I’m not going to lie. This has been one of the most emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting years of my life. What started off as a new year filled with new promise quickly became overshadowed by the sudden passing of my brother. With that, it was like my world stopped for a while. You can read my intimate look at life and grief here. The first half of the year is pretty much a blur…

In addition to that sudden life change and all that death brings with it, I had also enrolled in two different practitioner training programs (later to become three with the addition of my yoga teacher training). I was trying to manage my current business so I could help contribute to my family, as well as grow my start-up company (which I had fallen out of love with). And, I was also working on self-publishing my first print book.

The year quickly became a whirlwind of emotion and busy-ness. I moved from day to day feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated, but at the same time, there was still a good dose of joy and excitement sprinkled into each day. Because here I was doing new things and moving towards new goals. So even amidst the darkness, there was so much light.

I completed my Nutritional Therapist certification in June. Then, I decided to leave the startup company that I had co-founded in August. In September, I completed my Mind-Body Nutrition Coach certification. And now here at the beginning of December, we are *this close* to sending my first book to the printer! Actually, by the time you read this (depending on when that is), it may already be on the printing press!

It was far from a bad year. In some ways, it might be considered one of the best years of my life because the lessons that I learned and the growth that took place for me was more than all of my other years combined.

Yes, the year was trying. I felt like I was riding an emotional roller-coaster at times. There was enough going on that I did not always take care of myself as best I could or put my needs on the front burner. Thankfully my chronic illnesses are mostly in management mode, but I did still have some flares from time to time when I wasn’t getting enough sleep, movement, vegetables, or self-care.

(I’m pretty sure those flares are there as reminders to SLOW DOWN when life gets too crazy.)

And now, here we are, just a mere 27 days away from 2018. The end of one of the craziest years I’ve ever gone through. A year for the history books for sure. Now is the perfect time for reflection on where I’ve been, what I’ve learned, and where I’m going.

I’ll be honest…I’m tired. More than tired actually. I am exhausted.

Which is why I am allowing myself to take time off this month so I can do lots of resting, reflecting, and playing for the remainder of 2017. But something came in the mail that made me want to get on here and write a blog post today. I actually had just planned on writing a quick Instagram post, but apparently, Instagram thinks I am WAY too wordy, so I had to move over here in order to communicate everything that I wanted. 🙂

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