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A couple weeks ago I got hit with a really nasty bug (cold, flu, other? not sure, but it sucked!). I have not been sick in well over 4 years and this one hit me hard. I was totally unprepared and it was totally unexpected. I had gotten so used to never getting sick that I didn’t even pay attention to the first day of mild symptoms. I just blamed it on the fact that I hadn’t slept well the night before.

Then, the next day, the bug let me know it was there — in full force. I spent most of the week on the couch, trying to nap when I was able, and watching more T.V. than I have in a long time. On the plus side, I am now officially caught up on pretty much every show I’ve been missing. 😉

The worst of it hung on for about 5 days, but even after the fever and sore throat were gone, I was left dealing with respiratory issues for over a week more. So in total, this bug hung around for over two weeks.

Boooo on you bugs!

One thing that was super helpful was doing herbal steams to help soothe my sinuses and my lungs. My sinuses went from being constantly plugged up to being sore and raw and back again, while my whole respiratory system had a chronic tickle that caused me to cough every couple minutes. The herbal steams felt SO good during this time.

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