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Should you avoid gluten (or other foods)? Today I want to talk about this topic. There’s a lot of confusion online about wheat and gluten and many may assume that because I am personally gluten-free that I think everyone should avoid gluten…but is that what I really think?

This post evolved out of a recent podcast I listened to. I love podcasts and have a handful that I tune into regularly. After listening to one specific episode recently where the host gave this same <bad> advice for about the 8th time, I had to sit down and write my thoughts out. I was becoming irritated because of the people listening who may need to hear something else.

This podcast host stated that unless you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, there is absolutely no reason to avoid gluten. From what I have observed in past episodes, they take a hard stance against removing foods from your diet unless you have a formal disease/allergy diagnosis. In some cases, I have heard them (and others) state that it’s dangerous to remove certain foods from your diet (in almost all of these instances, they were referring to wheat/gluten, but I’m sure that applies to other foods as well).

The podcast host has also mentioned that this obsession with “gluten-free” can lead to disordered eating, and even eating disorders, which I don’t disagree with. Anytime we start restricting foods, whether necessary or unnecessarily, certain people may find that they start exhibiting disordered behaviors around food. That is a very real thing so I absolutely don’t discount that potential issue. Does it happen to everyone? Definitely not, but it still happens and more frequently than you may think and it’s a very common thing that I see in my own practice as a health coach.

But, I feel that the host making a blanket statement that unless you have Celiac disease you should not avoid gluten is irresponsible. The question of should you avoid gluten or not really is quite personal and I disagree with a broad statement that it is safe or unsafe for everyone. There are a wide range of food sensitivities (minor to severe). You don’t always need an allergy or disease diagnosis to know that certain foods just don’t work for your body.

This week, I wrote extensively about this over on the Delicious Obsessions blog. In this post, you’ll find out:

  • whether you should avoid gluten or not
  • how tuning into your body’s wisdom is key to knowing what
  • my stance on whether gluten is the devil or not
  • discussion about einkorn and other ancient grain varieties
  • 4 issues with modern wheat and gluten intolerance
  • is a gluten-free diet dangerous?
  • and a bunch more things too 🙂

If you want to read the whole post and learn all of this and more, hop over to the Delicious Obsessions website here and read it.

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