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A new year is upon us with 2017 just a couple days away. Can you believe that 2016 is over? I can’t! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was making plans and setting goals for 2016 and here I am back in that same place.

Now is the time of year that people are busy setting resolutions and goals and making plans for the new year. But, before we hurry into 2017, I want to encourage everyone to spend some time looking back over 2016.

Have you considered the importance of looking back before looking forward? Taking time to reflect on where you have been is crucial to calibrating the compass for where you are going.

It’s easy to run from year to year without really stopping and letting the past year’s experiences guide us. Make sure you reflect on all the GOOD and the bad stuff. Historically, I have a tendency to dwell more on the negative than the positive. Even though there has been a dramatic shift in that over the last two years, I still find that I don’t take the proper time to REALLY let the good stuff sink in.

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