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Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading today. This blog post and video have been a long time in the making. So many of you have kept asking me when I’d be publishing it and I apologize that it’s taken me so long to write it and record a video about it.

Quite honestly, I’ve been wanting to write an update on my health journey for a couple of years now. I get requests all the time for updates and after a few more recent requests, I decided it was finally time to hop on here and tell you guys why I no longer write about my healing journey.

For those of you that have been following my site for a long time, in 2012 (a few years after I started blogging in 2009), I started getting really serious about my health. I consider 2012 to be the start of my healing journey and I’ve referred to it as such since then. That’s when I started getting the appropriate lab work done and working with new practitioners about improving my health and creating future goals around it.

I started writing about my journey with autoimmune issues on my blog because I really wanted to help people. I wanted to share what was working for me, the types of things I was doing, and offer them some inspiration and motivation and their own healing journey. My website has a lot of readers who are also dealing with chronic illness and I knew that sharing the information that I was learning might be really helpful to at least a few people. So I began writing a series called Let’s Get Personal.

Over the next couple of years, I shared a lot of in-depth information about my health, including different doctors and practitioners I was working with, different labs I was getting (as well as screenshots of my lab results), different strategies I was applying to my health, etc.  In looking back on those old posts, I really was sharing a lot of very intimate information about my health. I really wanted to help people because chronic illness can be so isolating at times, as well as overwhelming.

I wrote a lot more about why I chose to stop writing about the specifics of my healing journey online over on my Delicious Obsessions website. You can read that full post here. I also recorded a video about this topic as well, which you can watch below.

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