Hello beautiful and welcome!
My name is Jessica and I am your heart-centered guide to breaking out of “the stuckness” so you can step into the life you’ve been dreaming about, even if it feels impossible right now. For years, I have struggled with severely disordered eating, body image issues, and an overall unhappiness with my life. I was neck deep in “the stuckness”. It may sound dramatic, but one day I woke up and I said enough is enough. I had to break free from the things that were holding me back and step into the life that I had been craving all these years. I made myself a promise — I would refuse to watch my life pass me by because I am waiting for the right time, the right weight, the right whatever. We only get one life and I am determined to live it as positively and as vibrantly as possible. It would be an honor to assist you in doing the same. ♥